Commissioned by the City of Palo Alto Public Art Program, Paleoalto was the anchor artwork for Code:ART2 in downtown Palo Alto.

Code: Marpi
Production design: Will Clark
System architecture: Kevin Colorado
Audio: Bent Stamnes
Producer: Jay Chen
Documentation: Loli Peiyun
Photography: Benny Villarreal
In collaboration with: Colour Feeders

Programmed for both day and night, the installation was part portal and part time machine. It imagined an ancient world of marine animals and new vertebrates on an interactive canvas of LEDs and LCDs.

Visitors could enter the digital space through their abstract avatars, generate and interact with the creatures that are spawned inside, and even glimpse the shapes of people on the other side. Segmented walkers, tendrilled creatures, and neon arthropods danced with human-controlled avatars, creating an artwork within the artwork.

Paleoalto appeared during Code:ART festival in Palo Alto, US, in October 2021. A collaboration with Colour Feeders, made possible with help from Robert Domin from InSync Show Productions and Toshi Hoo from Institute for the Future.