Future Deserts

Future Deserts

With creatures great and small, Future Deserts wraps Art Center Nabi, a museum of digital art in Seoul, South Korea, in playful digital tendrils.

Programming: Marpi
3D Artist: Will Atwood
Operations: Christian Boullon
Producer: Jay Chen
Curation: Heeyoon Choi
In collaboration with: Art Center Nabi
Future Deserts

Ribbons of screens on the building exterior and the double-height lobby ceiling unmask slices of a generative, floral pattern. On closer inspection, these are revealed to be different views of the same creature, contained by the glass and steel of a modern Seoul high-rise.

Inside, smaller interactive canvases invite users to become part of the unfolding environment. Floral geometries and multicolored feelers dance across clean, sleek spaces.

Future Deserts was deployed remotely, working in close collaboration with staff at the Nabi, and at a time where most of the audience will also see it from afar. Meanwhile, we continue to digitally overgrow from a safe distance.