In Odra, an abstracted step sequencer floats in a watery world, playing generative sounds to an audience of aquatic creatures and plants.

Code: Marpi
Design: Stand & Marvel
Frontend: Huncwot
Documentation: Garrett Bradley

Inspired by classic, 70s-era ambient music, Odra is powered by Three.js visuals, Tone.js audio, Totro generator, and Spite's post-processing shaders and runs in-browser.

The base melody of fuzzy, looping bell tones is generated algorithmically and continuously evolves into an infinite playlist, but users can play with the sequencer and alter the soundscape.

A voting mechanism allows users to share and favorite certain compositions, with a “best of” album emerging over time. The underwater landscape also responds to cursor movement, chasing and flowing as users move it across the screen.

Odra premiered at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California, as part of 3D Web Fest by CODAME in June 2017, and was a part of the digital edition of MUTEK.SF in May 2020.